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Phi Phi Paradise


I know that lots of people do not know the city - Gaziantep. Gaziantep is in the southeast of Turkey and it is below Syria. Because I do not want to go to Southeast Asian countries this time and I want to experience central and Eastern Europe, Turkey has become my first choice.



When I first told to my parents, I wanted to go to Turkey for a volunteer project. Their first reaction was that NO! Turkey is very dangerous! The life there is so hard! Let alone when they knew the location of Gaziantep!

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Bangkok I arrived in Bangkok in the afternoon. I started to feel hot, but I was not very sure it was because of the weather here, or just my agitation… Ancient spirits Ancient spirits were everywhere, wandering around my body, passing through my eyes, whispering by my ears, getting into my brain, diving in your blood... I could feel them, but no touching them. Then I came to know, I was in Bangkok... The cat army I was not interested at any 'lady boy shows', but I could easily find interesting shows even at street corners. Two dog warriors were having a fury duel, the most simple and direct way to win the female with their bravery. The cat army was ready for launch anytime, but they were quite friendly to the people. Seems Newton's law of action and reaction was all right. Bangkok the shining city The city was shining everywhere, day and night. Gold Buddha, with the most beautiful sapphire, ruby, emerald, and topaz embedded, and the finest wall paints, sitting there years after years, and blessing people with the fortune around the whole kingdom. When I was facing him, smiling, my world became all silent. So peacefully, I saw he's smiling... Khao San Road I was expecting something to happen, something I’d been searching for years. Khao San Road was the clue of the start, I found there were too many things to explore… well right here, my story began right here… Khao San Road: a world of its own Thanked to the guy in the airport, we could make our step to Khao San Road. In my plan, we were suppose to stay in the Youth Hostile at first night. 'Guesthouses are everywhere.' he said, and that's what I want. So while I was standing at the street corner with my big backpack, I just saw lots of guesthouses, bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, tourists, pitchmen wandering around. Everywhere, indeed. The story begins here If you are a backpacker, you can find anything you need here in Khao San Road, where anything could happen. Different people of different colors from different nations with different faiths are all gathered here. And never mind who you are. Vegetarian? Cynical? Psychologist? Or monomaniac? No care. For me, this was where my story began. Punks I have been worried about the party since I never travel together with most of them before. However, Khao San Road was the answer: being here, it's totally not important that whether you are in traveler's style, or punk's style, or else both. Eric, Winston, and I went to have our first experience of Thai massage secretly at night. Well, that's quite enjoyable. Searching for something different I was searching for something different, not for being a freshman here, but for a push, a clue, or a chance. I thought the very something should be related with someone. Not the wandering packman asking 'Not massage? No girl?' everywhere, either the funny waiter we met in Siam Restaurant. I met two Thai girls in Sawasdee Guesthouse, that was really impressive anyway. Sawasdee Ka I've loved Sawasdee Guesthouse since my first sight, and it was the first guesthouse we checked in Khao San Road. The hall was comfortable with wooden craftworks at right places, the open area was also a cafe, and their box-like rooms (as described in my handbook) were attractive. Then agency Ma'am was friendly so we booked our tickets to Phi Phi from her, the pub neighbored was hot. I really enjoyed selling the tickets at the pub entrance with Nui together that night. Navigator We left Bangkok, heading to the south. To tell the truth, I was not sure whether our way was right, either how far it was. But you never try, you never know. That’s getting closer as an adventure, but that’s the way I like… J W & T J W & T were the 3 other members I invited expect the 4 punks. James was a funny guy, and he had also been my travel partner; Winston was a sports-shaped guy who had a much stronger massager than me; they two were like elder brothers in the party, and they joined the party for a vacation I guess. Traphana joined us in Bangkok, she's coming since she just finished a company meeting in Bangkok, so it's a good deal for her to travel with us in the following day. The H 3 There's no special meaning for the letter 'H'. But if saying H3 refers to the 3 fellows living together in Huajin, I'd rather take it as recalling our happy punk life as the ever gang of H4. Eric and I were the two initiators, but I refused Linda at first because I thought she could be a trouble maker and a male party was better if possible. After doing a lot of homework, I've made out all the plan, the tickets, the whole damn trip. Aye! Captain! Sara was the most 'uneasy' fellow in my party because she was in even worse economy condition than me, had to afford additional cost to traveling between Beijing and Guangzhou, our jumping-off point. I knew she will finally go with me from the start when I was inviting her. So when we got on the boat, ocean breeze kissing our faces, to me she said, 'Captain, thank you for inviting me.' Traveler’s spirit We were supposed to go to Phuket first, but the wrong bus took us directly to Krabi, but I thought that's just fine. Afraid of the unknown, running away from the unsure, concerning too much, that would at last become backward-looking. Something await you to try, and some place await you to explore; not knowing is half of the fun. The traveler's spirit was always the best navigator. Phi Phi Island We got to Phi Phi Island at last, and I got to know that we’d come to the right place… Beach adventurers Now it's low tide so there were slippery reefs all along the coast line. We didn't know how long but it seemed to be the only way to the Long Beach described as an ideal place for us to live in my handbook. All travelers stopped, tired with their big pack on the back, looking at me. 'Are we able to cross it?' the girls murmured. 'Yes we are, let's go!' I didn't know why, but I was always the one to say words like that. I was such a fucking hero. "Let's go". I felt like I'd waited all my life just to say something like that. You have to enjoy a moment like that. You just don't know, you see: it may never happen again. Model cat We have met quite a number of dogs in Bangkok, and now it's the cats' turn. You could possibly find a cat wandering by the beach, or sitting at the front door of your hut of the hotel, or spotting passerby beside the foot of the shopkeeper, or sleeping on the platform of a shrine, or looking down the whole island with us at the top of the mountain. Sara and I tried to make a name for each of the cats that we met. For the one, we called it 'the model cat'. The islander The islanders have build everything here: hotels or guesthouses by the beach, Thai restaurant, French restaurant, massage center, 7 eleven... Agencies were everywhere, most of them provide services to have a one' day islands tour. Sea sports were hot here, snorkeling, kayaking, game fishing, surfing, and we even saw a cliff jumping advertisement. The most attractive ones were the diving clubs, which were always painted in fresh colors with lots of strange equipments exhibited. Really a fantastic place I though. Pier to the paradise The coolest thing was to take a long tail boat and go between long beach and the pier in the morning. The water was clean and clear, cool breeze whisking your hair. The pier was quite small but quite busy. Lots of boat - long tail boats and a speed yachts, public and private ones, for tourists and for the cargo - dropped anchor in a row by the coast line. The pier is a sign, it means a start-up of a journey, or implies an end of it. Maybe you never know where you are leaving to from the pier, or maybe the island itself is the pier to the paradise. To the viewpoint Sara, James, Traphana, and I decided to see the sunrise in the morning, and the island map in my handbook indicated there was a viewpoint on the top of the mountain to the east. So the next day we got up early at 5, everything was dark and dim. Being the only 4 awake on the island, we had to search the way to the viewpoint by ourselves. We did ever miss our directions, we did get very tired in the jungle, we did suspect if it's really worthy to do it exchanging the sleeping time, and we did be afraid of being tracked by a monster in the dark, but finally we made it, we got to the viewpoint before the sunrise. Low tide You don't have to do many things or go many places during the journey. Your purpose is not 'well, I have done it' or 'I have been there', if you are doing something or at some place you like, just take your time and enjoy it. Sara had the same attitude with me, and we got on the same boat: lying our small kayak to have the sun shower on the waves, rowing the oars to cross the whole Loh Daiam Bay, we finally found the secret Monkey Beach. The sand here was softer than any other beaches we have been, and few people came to this place. We didn't want to go back until it was low tide. I never realized the water could get down so fast that we were grounded right in the middle of the urchins' army. Luckily the man rented me the kayak came to save us, 'What make you so late?' he whispered grouchily. 'Sorry, but your island is too beautiful.' I said. Cinq-a-sept Long Beach was one of the quietest beaches on the island, since most of the tourists were gathered around the town between the Loh Daiam Bay and Ton Sai Bay. Walking along the Long Beach in the evening, the sun fell behind the mountain to the west, cloud enlightened, the sea was reflected as burning waves. When the night fell, you never believed there were so~~ many shining stars embedded in the pure silver Milky Way. And you realized that in the eternity of space, you were actually sailing a boat in the river of infinity. At that moment, I wandered how stoned and fantastic it would be if now she was sitting by my side... 7 legendary Chinese Every dinner time, we would have quite an campaign. Thai food was very delicious I mean, but the quantity was too small for each of us. We didn't know if it was for the Thais who have a too small appetite, or we Chinese really have a big stomach. On the first day we tried to keep gentle at the table, when I already noticed Winston's eyes revolving, seemed that he's not surrendered yet. But just since the second day we all gave up to pretend no hunger. 'One more rice please', at least I heard we called for 3 times. The westerners at the near tables were too surprised to say a word, but just watching these loud people. Linda started to sing in Michelle's way again, 'You know one time, on the island, there were 7 legendary Chinese, calling for Rice Rice all the time, and it's so funny!' Maya Paradise I was riding on the head of the shooting long boat, yelling selflessly, while the ocean waves shook the boat up and down. You got the feeling, and know that’s worth the journey… Swim 'We swim?' Eric and I have had a plan to swim indeed, from Phi Phi Don to Phi Phi Lay, which was in fact a Thai national park. So we practiced a lot in the swimming pool before starting off, while I collected some information for the Indian Ocean. But at last we felicitated that we didn't do that. It's too far and the waves were too strong. 'Let's save the next time.' 'Yeah, you got the spirit.' Long tail boat A long tail boat was much cheaper than the big yacht, but it's worse safety and much easier to got a mal de mer. We rented a long tail to the Phi Phi Lay from the agency, and for better service, I personally gave our boatman 100 Baht additional cash. This guy was fine, and we had a nice tour to the Snorkeling Bay, Maya Bay around Phi Phi Lay, and also an exciting snorkeling by the Monkey Beach for Sara's and my recommendation. The only thing I didn't understand was why this guy could possibly hold an urchin in his hand and smiling. Cautions in the blue Our first stop to the Phi Phi Lay was the Viking Cave, which used to be a hideout for pirates. The cliff inside where bird nests were now harvested for bird's nest soup. But what impressed me most was the 'savage' fish in nearby area. The fish was small but in typical tropical colors, but they would show crazy passion to anything could eat: rice, bread, and even me管家婆马报彩图,! I remembered clearly how I was bitten by one of them on my back whiling I was snorkeling near the Monkey Beach. They must think that I was a huge piece of food. Snorkeling My first time experiencing snorkeling was in the Snorkeling Bay. Surrounded by the circle of cliffs, this place was just like a perfect swimming pool for the beginners. I was not very conditioned to the mask and the air pipe at first, but soon that became a piece of cake. The water was shallow and perfect clear, the sunshine was floating with my body, masses of curious fish was just swimming around you no further than one meter! I was a big stranger in this world. Maya Think about a bay, hidden in a small island with a ring of high curving wall of rocks enclosed. Then image, the sand's all pure white, the water's crystal clear, tides upward, hitting the rock, echoing, tides downward, reflecting the glint of sunshine shower. Palm trees, coconuts, a whole tropical jungle lives behind the perfect beach. Welcome to Maya paradise. The beach Couldn't wait for reach the beach, I jumped into the sea, swimming straight to my dreamland. I have been thinking about the moment for totally 3 years, since I've watch a movie named the Beach. The story was about a young traveler, by accident he got a map from a mysterious man who cut his wrist in the guesthouse; with a French couple he left Bangkok and start his journey to the south; with great adventures they finally made their to the beach, a secret utopia world and a community of travelers lived here, enjoying a paradise life. Although the community was broken up at last and paradise seemed have other meanings, the story have deeply taken root in my heart. Swimming straight to my dreamland, I couldn't be more excited to find the place where the movie taken sights as 'the beach'. Right here. the beach has changed my life. Thoughts on the beach More or less, Maya Beach was polluted because of the big growing number of tourists. The sand was no longer perfect clean, the water was no longer perfect clear. Speed yachts and long tail boats made the engine loud, and the jungle was getting smaller. City people were weapons, but I was just another of them. Then I saw small one, trembling in its shell, spotting me anxiously. After 5 seconds it decided to run away. I remembered the hundreds of crabs on the Monkey Beach, and that monkey. I wandered if their appearance was a sign of refusing, I thought I was not belonging here, I was just a guest. Beach boys While the girls were going far away to make fun in the water, we four boys all chose to sit by the beach silently. On the beach there were Europeans, wandering in pairs, and Thais - the boatmen I guess - resting in the shadow of rocks, and a noisy group of Japanese. A Latin girl in orange bikini appeared with her boyfriend in front of us. Her legs were brown and slim, they sat by the water when the girl tried to make different sexual poses for her boyfriend's camera. I didn't know why after that her boyfriend left her alone, but we all watched her. We all saw the way she played between the waves and the beach, getting off her bikini. When her eyes glanced to us we looked away, and when she turned to the bay we looked back. Maya jump We found a perfect mini beach away from the keep-coming tourists, and soon this place has become our private happy garden. James and Winston were snorkeling in the waves. Traphana lay her back on the beach. Linda carried a conversation with another tourist in English for totally 5 minutes and finally found he's a Chinese. Eric and I swam a long way to another beach on the opposite side of Maya Bay. The most funny one was Sara, who declared that she found a crocodile in the water, very gravely. But soon we found that was just a bundle of rope. Minutes later she asked us to help bury her body into the sand, what she actually received a raving sand attack. We'll never forget Maya, never forget the beach. One~ Two~ Three~ Jump! Underwater World I jumped, diving into the blue, and finally find my different world. You have to JUMP to know the feeling of being different, and you have to DIVE to see what’s below the surface… Diving practice Putting up my diving suit, fastening my belt with six plumbic blocks, and getting into the heavy BCD with 200 bar Oxygen in the yellow tank, now I was finally a genuine diver. The diving instructors were very earnest so that after one hour diving theory course, we had to practice the 'Three Tips' again in the crystal blue water around Phi Phi Lay. 'Never hold your breath in the water.' I whispered to myself continuously. Frankly speaking I was a little nervous before my first diving, but soon I thought that's piece of cake for me. And I could 100% put my mind onto the fantastic underwater world. Barakuda diving club The diving clubs were everywhere on the island, but we chose the Barakuda. They had plenty of diving equipments, they had various diving routes, they had 3 pretty boats, and 3 very nice diving instructors. Steve was the leader, this strong man had more than 24 years diving experience, so he's in charge of three of us: Eric, Sara and me. Thish was a beautiful young girl (same age as me), mixed blood of English and French, but she's already a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), and she's responsible for the troublesome Linda. I couldn't remember the third man's name, but I bet Traphana knew it. What can be more lucky than working while enjoying. Crystal palace You can never image what the underwater world is like if you'd never been there. You dive, you have come another world of trance planet. you are flying, the time turns slower, everything is surrounded by the color of blue. You are a big fish, thousands of small ones are swimming around you; you are a stranger, urchins on the seabed are looking at you curiously. Yellow coral, blue starfish, silver sea rocks, and shining air bubbles, you forget everything in the real world until the oxygen is used up. And you know, you are not dreaming. Gate to the next life Steve looked back, lifted his hand and circled his fingers to me, 'saying' OK? And I gave back the same body language. I checked my oxygen supply, only 50 bar left, which was the level that a DSD should go up to the surface, but I decided to stay by my own a little longer here. Steve swam further, Sara followed, Eric went to cross a channel, my camera's out of film. I became even more relax to backstroke, bubbles floated upwards. At that moment, I saw a light, glimmering, rippling, and summoning. Among the light, I felt everything, and I felt nothing. My mind's out of control. Maybe I'd come to the gate of samsara, every single creature would have a new born right behind the gate. Who am I anyway? What if I die here? Death was the end? Or a new beginning? Maybe I was already dead. The red pigs The red pigs were all happy-go-lucky at first, sleeping on the beach without any sunshine proof cream, or rowing kayak all the afternoon. But soon they regretted their overconfidence since they all met big troubles right after coming back from Maya Bay. They couldn't carry anything on the back, but soon even a touch could make them cry loud. The worst thing was sleeping on the bed had totally become an affliction. When things get over laden, you have to pay for it. That's the rule. Game Over Game over A journey, or an adventure is just my big game, and now the game is over. No matter how different or difficult it is, it will just become memory. But a traveler will never stop, and the same dream will never end...

There was a time that I hesitated, I really wanted to seize this opportunity that I had prepared for a long time, but I also had to know the real situation. The best ways is to ask the person who have been there before and I also looked through many material, then I made the decision and convinced my parents. Finally, I began my volunteer trip in July 2017.

Three men in a boat

For more than 20 hours at the airport, I was really really tired. The weather in Gaziantep was sooo hot and dry, like the summer in Shanghai. What's more, there were few air condition, both at home and the coffee shop. (Here I wanted to thanks Onur and Deniz for picking me up at the airport.)

As a person who loves reading books and records each drop of idea. I always think about to share my reading notes with you, and there is no orginal English book with clearly Vocabulary List, so I want to do a thing, to write down some articles with my thought, ideas, and my way of reading. 

The first time I met other volunteers always made me excited and nervous. Some people was really different from the photos, but, it does not matter, all are friendly and nice. They are from Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Ukraine, Jordan... I am the only one from China! After we got to know each other, they called me Panda, hahahaha, I like it very much! Maybe because I come from China and also have round face and eyes, just like panda.

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Words List

Lock /lɒk/: a part of a canal or river that is closed off by gates so that the water level can be raised or lowered to move boats up or down a slope.

 We began to think that we were right and that someone had moved the lock.*

Slope /sləʊp/: the angle at which something slopes in relation to a flat surface.

管家婆资料大全管家, A slope of 30 degrees.*

Knock over: to hit someone with a vehicle while you are driving, so that they are hurt.

He fought the cover hard and knocked George over.

Cover /ˈkʌvə/: shelter or protection from bad weather or attack.

It's better to put the 管家婆正版四不像图,cover on the boat first, before it gets too dark.*

All of us❤

Chapter 9 : Our First Night On The Boat

After some time, Harris and I began to think that Bell Weir lock had disappeared.

'Perhaps someone has taken it away,' we said. George had towed the boat as far as Staines, and we had towed it from there. It seemed to get heavier and heavier. We began to think that we were right and that someone had moved the lock.

Finally, at half past seven, we reached it and got through it. By now we just wanted to eat and to go to bed. So we stopped before we reached Magna Charta Island. It was quite a pretty place and we tied our boat to a big tree.

We were looking forward to having something to eat then, but George said, 'No! It's better to put the cover on the boat first, before it gets too dark. All our work will be finished then. We'll be able to sit down and enjoy our meal.'

None of us had realized that it would be so difficult to fix the cover. There were five pieces of metal and you put these into special holes on the side of the boat. The pieces of metal were half circled, and when you had put them into the holes, you just had to pull the cover over them.

We thought it would probably take about ten minutes.

We were wrong.

We took the pieces of metal, and we began to drop them into their holes. You would not expect this to be dangerous work, but it was.

First of all, the pieces of metal would not fit into their holes. We had to jump on them, and kick them, and beat them. When we got one in, we found that it was the wrong piece of metal for those holes. So we had to take it out again.

At last we got them finished. Then we only had to put the cover on. George took one end, and he fastened it over the front of the boat. Harris stood in the middle of the boat to take the cover from George. I stayed at the back of the boat to take the end of the cover from Harris.

George did his job all right, but it was a new work to Harris and he did everything wrong.

I do not know how he did it, and Harris himslef couldn't explain it later. After ten minutes of really hard work, he was inside the cover. He could not get out. He fought the cover hard and knocked George over. Then George got angry and he began to fight, too. George could not get out of the cover either.

At the time, I didn't know anything about all this. I didn't understand what was happening anyway. They had told Montmorency and me to stand and wait. So Montmorency and I stood there and waited. We could see that the cover was moving about quite violently. However, we thought that it was all necessary for the job. We did nothing because they had told us to wait.

We also heard many bad words coming from under the cover. Montmorency and I decided that this was because the job was very difficult.

We waited for some time, but everything seemed to get worse. Finally George's head appeared over the side of the boat. It said, 'We can't breathe under here! Why don't you help us, you great stupid thing!'

So I went and helped them. Harris's face was nearly black, so I was just in time.

It took another half an hour after that to fix the cover. And then we started to prepare supper. We needed some hot water to make tea, so we put the water on the stove at the front of the boat, and we went to the back. We pretended that we were not interested in the water at all. We wanted it to think we didn't care if it got hot or not. We began to get the other things out.

That's the only way to get hot water on the river. If the water knows that you are waiting for it, it will never get hot. You have to go away and begin your meal without it. You must not look at it. Then you will soon hear it making a lot of noise, because it wants to be made into sea.

It's also a good idea to talk very loudly to each other. You must say that you don't want any tea, that you don't need any tea, and that you aren't going to have any tea. You get very near the water and you shout, 'I don't want any tea, do you, George?'

And George shouts back, 'Oh, no. I don't like tea, we will have milk.'

This makes the water very angry, and it gets hot very fast.

We did this, and, when everything else was ready, the tea was ready too. Then we sat down to have supper, we really wanted that supper, we needed that supper. And for thirty-five minutes nobody on the boat spoke.

After supper, we sat and smiled at each other. We smiled at Montmorency, too. We loved everybody, we sat back, we lit our pipes, and we began to talk.

George told us about something very funny that happened to his father once...

When he was young, George's father was travelling with a friend. One night they stopped at a little hotel. They spent the evening there with some other young men. After a very happy evening they went to bed. It was late, and by that time, they(George's father and George's father's friend) were feeling quite happy themselves. Anyway, they were going to sleep in the same room, but in different beds. When they got into the room, they dropped their light, which went out, so they had to undress and get into bed in the dark. They thought they were getting into separate beds. However, because they could not see, they both got into the same one. One of them got in with his head at the top of the bed. The other one got in on the other side of the bed, he lay with his feet by the first one's head.

Nobody spoke for a moment, then George's father said, 'Joe!'

'What's the matter, Tom?' Joe replied, from the other end of the bed.

'Why, there's a man in my bed,' George's father said, 'His feet are here, next to me.'

'Well, that's very strange, Tom,' Joe answered, 'but there's a man in my bed, too.'

'What are you going to do?' George's father asked.

'Well, I'm going to throw him out,' Joe replied.

'So am I,' George's father said, bravely.

There was a short fight, and then there were two heavy bangs on the floor. After a moment or two, a rather sad voice said, 'I say, Tom!'


'How have you got on?'

'Well, to tell the truth, my man's thrown me out.'

'My man's thrown me out, too... I say, this isn't a very good hotel, is it?'...

At the end of George's story, Harris asked, 'What was the name of the hotel?'

'The Riverside,' George replied, 'Why?'

'Ah, it isn't the same hotel, then.' Harris answered.

'What do you mean?' George asked.

'Well, it's strange,' Harris said, 'but the same thing happened to my father once, I've often heard him tell the story.'

After that, we went to bed, but I slept very badly.

Finally they went to a beautiful island, Magna Charta Island. Before they got out of the boat, they tried to put the cover on the boat, then you will see so many details while they are making the cover. After they have done it, they collected the water and heat it, and to make food. During the time, George shared a story about his father. At the end of the story, Harris shared a detil about his father.

I lived with my EP buddy, in Ela's home. She is a funny and pretty girl. She always takes care of me, like my big sister, but actually she is younger than me. And the host parents are also sweetie and cute, always ask me that are you hungry, and I always said yes, hahahaha. The deepest memory is that the parents love eath other very much. When we go out for a walk, they walk away, holding hands and taking pictures with each other. All is good memory and I will never forget all of them.

Gaziantep is a place that you should never foget. Almost everyone does not know this place; I strongly recommend this city. 

Beautiful but unfriendly sunshine, traditional but special things, stone buildings, green trees, lovely local people and people who always focus on hand work...All of these, I want to save in my mind. There is a huge, fantastic, special castle, which looks like a bid blockhouse. I walked into the castle, I was amazed at the scenery. As you can see, the blue sky, pretty sunshine, green trees, colorful house all combine with the castle well. And the peaceful atmosphere is wonderful.

管家婆马报彩图 2

The castle

管家婆马报彩图 3

The traditional street

Here is Glaobal Village! I stayed at a big mall for a whole day and showed my country-China to Turkish local people! Everyone would show their country this day. By the way, I met another April this day! We prepared all things together, and we were proud of it!

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Volunteer from different country 

It was my first time to go to another city, the best thing was that we would have a boat trip and I met another two Chinese friends, Silvia and Alfred. When I got there, I saw a beautiful lake with several boats on it.

管家婆马报彩图 5

The boat

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We all had fun

管家婆马报彩图 7

Sooo nice

管家婆马报彩图 8

The food

I was excited to see the sunrise, but it was not easy to achieve.

We went to NEMRUT by bus at 10:00 p.m. 12, August, and arrived at 5:00 a.m. 1, August. It was still dark and we also needed to climb a steep hill( because it was dark, I have no pictures). When we reached the destination, the sun began to rise.

管家婆马报彩图 9

The sun was rising

The view was really really good, I have been taking photos all the time.

管家婆马报彩图 10

On the mountain

管家婆马报彩图 11

Me and Padma❤

It was well worth visiting.

This day I took a friend’s car beginning my Tisan trip. It almost took me seven hours and the road is rough.

It was said that Tisan is a niche place, having sunshine, blue sky, coconut trees and golden beach. Actually, I did not expect much of it, but it fits all my imagination about the sea after I saw it with my own eyes. And I found that there are very few tourists here, most of them are nearby residents, and some tourists rent houses to take a vacation as us.

It was really a good place to have several days relax. If you like sunshine, you can go to the beach in the morning or afternoon; if you do not like the hot weather, you can lie on the beach at 6 or 7 pm. You can enjoy the different beauty of Tisan.

管家婆马报彩图 12

The beach

Oh, if you are confused, why do volunteers go traveling everyday? Actually, my volunteer work is going traveling and taking photos, writing articles and promote this city- Gaziantep❤

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